Being an entrepreneur is not that easy

23 October 2015 | Ashwin Prajapati

Explainer Corporate Videos - Effectively Conveying the Product Idea to the End User

Being an entrepreneur is not that easy. Apart from spending many hours working on various aspects of your business, you probably spend some time thinking about making your business more successful. Fortunately, explainer videos can help you achieve business success and eliminate your fears.

Investing in explainer videos is a tested and calculated business move that can help you start-up to succeed. The production of explainer videos has increased over the years because these videos online business ventures to blossom. Explainer videos are an effective marketing tool that can clarify many different uses of your products, boost conversion rates and increase sales.

It can be daunting to create explainer videos if you lack the equipment, funds and skills to create a decent video. Thankfully, you can seek the help of explainer video companies. One such company is Urban Blink. This is video production agency is based in Mumbai. At Urban Blink, we seek to create clear explainer videos for every client. By using our services, you can reap many benefits including the following:

  • Explain your idea efficiently – Besides informing your potential customers about the service or product you offer, explainer videos will inform them why it is important to use your products or services. These videos will convey your values and branding within a few minutes.
  • Attract interest of the end user - Explainer videos are thought-provoking, catchy and they offer solutions to consumers who need a certain service or product. This is the reason why millions of people watch videos online daily.
  • Encourage sharing – Many people who use social media sites can share explainer videos which are placed in casual social media conversations with hundreds of their followers or friends. This can create a powerful chain reaction.
  • Increase web traffic to your site – You can improve your search engine rankings by pulling visitors from social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This can bring you more customers.
  • Improve search rankings – The explainer videos we create can also boost your rankings on search engines because they usually reward websites that have high quality content. Videos are considered as high quality content.
  • Make investor and sales pitches easier – With an explainer video, you can make investor and sales pitches to market your business easily. You can access the video anywhere there is an internet service or Wi-Fi. You can also save it in portable storage device and use it as needed.

At Urban Blink, we can create the best explainer videos for your enterprise. The best videos of this kind are short, such as under 2 minutes. They also clearly dictate the service or product a business offers, without sounding like an advertisement.

Great explainer video companies also create videos that have creative and fresh scripts. The animation glides above the basic foundation of a good script so that your audience will feel confident about buying a service or product. The voice over is also direct, clear and attractive. This helps drive the animation forward and give life to the script.

Great explainer videos also have novel animation, which works with the script. The animation deepens the understanding of the consumer in an interesting, new way. Another important quality of good explainer videos is the music. It should be catchy, but not distracting. After creating an explainer video, it should be launched with an effective marking plan. You can use the video on your blogs, company website and social media sites.

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