Schooling with Videos

As an expert video production team with long experience in story boarding and filming, we know how hard it can be to provide the quality of the training videos you need from in-house resources alone. The second alternative, an off-the-shelf, dog-eared video training is often a poor solution - old hat, dishing out clichéd communication. We can make a difference. Urban Blink produces custom-made training videos using the most effective medium.

Training videos were the first kind of corporate videos known to the industry and are still very popular. Training videos present a cost-effective alternative to on-site training. You can also embed the video format into your online training curriculum for a multi-media, rich visual experience.

If your organization serves a large geographic spread, we can produce short sales clips that strongly highlight your product attributes, the USP of your brand and be a powerful persuasion tool in the arsenal of your field staff.

Corporate VIdeo Samples

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