Nothing engages like a well-made video

21 March 2014 | Ashwin Prajapati

Let’s try this out.

When was the last time, you stopped to re-look at a billboard or a print ad?

Can’t recall?

Now what was the last video you watched on the telly or You Tube and wanted to watch again?

See the point, I am trying to make here?

In a world awash with content, a message that is instant and visual is what makes people stop in their tracks for a relook. If you are lucky and good at crafting a strong message through a video, they may tune into it again and yet again. That’s paisa vasool for the brand.

Remember Kolavadi Di? Nobody understood the lyrics. But they all understood the music. It’s the same with visuals. Visuals are a universal language that cuts through linguistic and geographic barriers in a manner that text can’t.

Check around. Whether it’s for entertainment, education or research, video has become the content of choice, particularly on mobile devices. Why is this? The reason is simple: video with audio-visual content can be consumed even when you are doing other things. With text, multi-tasking is not possible.

Video is a form of content that travels fast; is easily consumable on a variety of devices; even while you are on the go. In the end, you end up consuming more information in the shortest possible time span than is possible with any other content type.

That’s probably the reason why...

  • 76% of marketers intend to upload videos to their sites
  • Online video production will soon account for more than a 1/3 of online advertising spending
  • 52% of consumer’s say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their purchase decisions.
  • 3/5 consumers spend atleast 2 min watching product video before buying the product
  • Video viewer’s are very mobile
  • Shoppers who view videos are 174% more likely to to purchase than viewers who did not
  •  Nearly 40 % of customers report that videos increase their likelihood of making purchase on a mobile device

Nothing works like video

With increasing media consumption happening online, people tend to research about a product before buying. During this intensive, highly motivated search for information, they invariably turn to a product/service video. Video allows us to see the object of their research in action. Why read a review on a new phone or tablet when you can watch a video that shows you everything you need to know?

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