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The cost of video production is not so high anymore. With increased bandwidth, lowered cost, better prospects on impact and many more vital benefits to be had, more and more businesses are now considering the use of corporate videos as an essential means of customer engagement. Corporate videos Mumbai has become the Indian marketers’ favorite media promotion tool. Urbanblink is now known as the best corporate film maker in Mumbai for the most engaging and persuasive productions captured on video.

According to marketing research videos would attract at least 80 percent of entire world’s internet traffic by 2019. To have your brand placed in a prominent position and take a driving seat in beating the competition now is the time to align your online marketing strategy accordingly. Those who fail to adapt are at high risk of being cast out in the digital world. Here’s how Urbanblink help companies to improve bottom line expectations through different ways of presenting their business via videos.

  • Customer reference videos – No one can tell a better story about your product or service than a customer who has used it to his or her advantage. There is huge compelling power in hearing another real life user extolling virtues of a product, service and telling the world how association with your brand has helped them accomplish a desired goal. Ideally, these success stories should be concise, filmed in the user’s own environment and artfully portrayed.

  • Training video production – Short, efficient clips for service, sales, personal development, support, training, etc gave corporate videos its first chance at worldwide recognition as a successful marketing media. It is a highly cost effective alternative to expensive and process complex in-house training and gains a massively larger training audience. Companies with wide geographic serving and multi-channel distribution can gain much from an expert training video production that highlight salient features, faqs, benefits, handling after-sale issues etc.

  • Corporate videos – This is the trendiest and most innovative advancement on traditional paper-based company brochures. Information that goes into these short videos can be anything from company history, management, major products and their benefits or other key business data. Corporate videos are very effective at packaging the ‘face’ and ‘voice’ of companies with optimum impact. Corporate videos can highlight the backbone of any company, its staff. Prospective customers relate better to the voice of people who drive the daily operations of a company.

  • Promotion, advertising, customer support videos – People don’t have time to wade through pages of printed jargon to clarify a simple question they may have about your product. Whether it is post-sale support, user information or providing an answer to a general customer query videos are excellent. The idea is to use a company expert with commanding video presence. Advertisers are not so enthusiastic about spending money on direct commercials anymore. In place, a new trend associated with explainer videos highlighting specialized content is released to the market daily. Many of these videos are made viral, particularly when they have a compelling story, encouraging viewers to share it on social media networking sites and blogs.

  • No matter which way you want to video your company product, service, brand or message the key to success lies in a streamlined conceptualization, design, execution and delivery. No one delivers the end results better than Urbanblink with engaging, educational, entertaining, meaningful and remarkable video content.

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