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Explainer videos have gained immense popularity in the past few years. They have proved to be really effective for the growth of the business. It enhances the number of visitors in a website and hence contributes to being a significant search engine ranking factor. These explainer videos are also considered to be effective in enhancing the conversion rates and boosting the sales of your business.

Urban Blink is one of the well renowned Explainer Video Production Company that offer video presentations, explainer videos, product introduction videos, etc. Here are some ways in which Urban Blink Explainer Videos are beneficial for your business:

Enhance the conversion rate

Studies reveal that 85% of people purchase products of brands having explainer videos. These videos allure a number of customers to the business and are indispensable in converting them into leads. These videos help a business to keep a count of how many visitors on the website has been converted to actual customers.

Explain the objectives of your product to customers

Texts can be interpreted by people in different ways by people who read them. Explainer videos explain the basic functions and usefulness of products and services of the business. People understand the products and services in a significant way when they hear or see it. These videos aid in connecting with the customers in a better way by explaining how the business is beneficial for them and why they should choose the business over other competitors.

Rank higher in search engines

Website having more number of pages with images and block text have a lower ranking in search engine. This also prevents the customers from having the right understanding of your product. On the other hand, explainer videos play an integral role in grabbing the attention of visitors. This leads to an increase in the number of visitors in the search engine. This is counted to be one of the integral factors for higher ranking in search engines.

Enhance the website traffic

The explainer videos go viral in a short interval of time and thus gain a lot of visitors for your website within a quick span. As some of the products go viral with the aid of these videos, there are increased chances of more conversion and leads.

Assist audience in retaining information

An average person is capable of retaining only 10 percent of what they will hear. However, they will remember up to 50 % of something they will see. This strategy can be utilized for your business with the aid of explainer videos. As you promote a product or service with the aid of these videos, people are more likely to remember the products.

Can be shared easily

There are well-renowned video hosting sites such as Vimeo, YouTube where you can upload the videos and make use of keywords for drawing interest. These videos are much easier to share with the aid of different social media channels.

Urban Blink is a reputed Explainer Video Company that assist in the promotion of your products and services in innovative ways. They produce online corporate videos which are recognized to be an integral component of marketing campaigns.

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