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    We're a corporate video production company based in Mumbai.

    We love to turn great ideas into beautiful products.
    Urban Blink
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    We believe in the power of ideas
    and the importance of expressing them through videos.
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    An effective video not only informs,
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Saying it, Visually

With You Tube as the No#1 frequented websites on the internet, online corporate video has become an essential component of a campaign manager’s marketing mix in reaching the target audience.

Explaining with Motion

Quickly rising in popularity, videos tell compelling brand stories with illustrations, animations and motion graphics. They can simplify and explain your complex products or services like no text can.

Schooling with Videos

Training videos were the first kind of corporate videos known to the industry and are still very popular. Training videos present a cost-effective alternative to on-site training.

Saying it, Graphically

To create a huge buzz for your brand. Our pictures speak a thousand times louder than words. We’ll deliver your material on time and in a ready-to-print format.


General Process of Our Works

Our clients have often expressed the desire to know how a video is made and what will be their role in the production process. We assure them that as the key stakeholders, they will be playing the most crucial part in the process, right from conception to the final delivery that fulfils their strategic business objectives.

Research on Script

Executing an idea without a plan is like rowing in chopping waters, not knowing what direction you want to take. The plan must answer simple questions like:

Research On Script

What does this video want to convey?

Who are we talking to?

Where will this video be hosted?

Preparation and careful planning strengthens a brand communications strategy and gives us a clear edge over competition.

Visual Storyboard

Once the planning is over, the idea gets tossed to the creative who are highly experienced in doing out of the box thinking with simple You Tube adverts, training videos or product demos. They lay out all the options – prototypes of an idea – before the client, to seek his approval.

Shooting, Graphics and Editing

This stage involves pre-production, shooting and post-production activities that deliver the final, finished product to the market. You can commission the whole range of activities, or share parts of footage that you may already have and together, we can shape out a video product of your dreams.

Urban Blink has a graphics team who can put the final touches in the form of logos, idents and 3D animation- you name it, and we will rise to the challenge! In case, your footage is not of a quality that could make a great video, we will dispatch our crew to the site to capture tapeless broadcast quality HD shots to give a slick, corporate finish to your video.

HD Output

We deliver through any media of your choice:

An HD file on a You Tube channel

An optional looped-play DVD (Ideal for public displays, exhibitions and one-on-ones with your investors or business associates)

Optional formats for company presentations, such as DVD, PowerPoint, iPad compatible file

Just name your device and we will give a media output that is compatible with your device of choice.

Campaign, through Videos

Ultimately, all your marketing initiatives must tie-in neatly with your overall brand strategy and that’s exactly what we ensure. At Urban Blink, we understand how video content works online and will propose a distribution strategy that goes pat with it. There are clients who want us to take charge of the complete online promotional strategy, and there are those who commission bits and parts for which they do not have the necessary skills in-house.

Machine Explainer Video

Whatever be your needs or limitations, rest assured that Urban Blink will have an apt solution for it.

What Did Our Customers Say?

High Octane Amusement Limited

Urban Blink has been a vital resource for design concepts and marketing ideas. Ever since the initiation of our company, we have grown with them and are happy to continue our association. Ravi Ganatra, Chairman & Managing Director    High Octane Amusement Limited

Saini Group Of Companies

It is always valuable to work with a team who are passionate towards providing the best service, understanding and creative design concepts to their clients.Gurpreet Saini, Business Dev. and Comm.
   Saini Group of Companies

Why Choose Us?

  • Because we are unreasonably ambitious, we want to dabble only in the best quality work. We also want to build the best place to work.
  • We welcome the impossible idea. When it comes to our clients’ ambitions and aspirations, we believe we can accomplish simply anything.
  • We are super fast, without compromising on the production quality. We give quick turnaround and make express deliveries on important projects that have to be delivered by a deadline.
  • We use the latest technology to bring you high definition videos that are of international quality.
  • We involve you every step of the way, from storyboarding to scripting to final filming. We take your approval at every milestone of the project.
  • We work on graphics and animations in-house to bring out key elements of your products.

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